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From the moment you set foot on the soil of Acquasserenne, boredom will be a thing of the past. There are so many outlets for the boisterous and ebullient spirit inside you that you will never have a moment to get bored, as long you remain there. You can either join your companions in group activities or go on your own.

Mangrove Cruising

Mangrove cruising can be done in a Country Boat without motor or in a Motor Boat. Each modes are depends on your personal preferences and special fields of interest. Many unique species of aquatic life thrive along the mangrove clusters.

Country Boat Ride

If you are interested in observing, studying or photographing the flora and fauna of the mangrove forests, you will have to take a Country Boat and go close to them without disturbing their environment. There are several types of fishes like the pearl spot, crabs, mudskippers, frogs, water birds, both endemic and migrating like terns, kingfishers, cormorants and darters and migrating birds like painted storks, Siberian cranes, ibises, etc, butterflies, dragon flies and damselflies to observe.playback music and complementary percussion to captivate the senses.

Motorboat Ride

If you take a motor boat, you can reach wider areas and see more of the environment. The enchanting play of light on water, as the motorboat plies speedily, zipping open the blue placidity of the expanses with the frothy path it leaves behind it, and the changing view of the mangrove clusters as you move in and away from them will be etched in your memory.

Leisure Boat Cruises

You can move along the periphery of the water observing the daily life of the common folk living along the coast. Rural water-based activities of fishing and washing clothes, the passenger boats criss-crossing the Lake, the transportation of coconut husks and other local produce over the waters, the children playing on the shores of the Lake, etc can be studied from close proximity from a motorised boat or a country boat as you cruise around in the backwaters for a while. Fish cultivation and coir production are activities that interest the tourists. The playing of sunlight and moonlight on the waters, especially the colourful mornings and evenings, will linger in your mind for long.

House Boats

Traditional kettuvallams, which were barges for transporting grain from the fertile paddy fields and orchards along the shores of the backwaters, have been now converted into floating cottages with all type of facilities and amenities, like cooking area, sleeping area, western-style toilets and sit-outs on the deck. There are houseboats of all patterns and sizes to suit the size and taste of each family or group of tourists.

Though they are motorized, houseboats proceed at a slow pace for smooth travel and to let the tourists drink in the scenic surroundings. The sunsets and sunrises are especially enchanting experiences from the houseboats. The vast expanses of water all around, cool breeze and the lush vegetation along the shores, the occasional sightings of rare avifauna and of fishes jumping out of water, the interesting sights along the shores, etc will be very interesting to the visitors.

Captain of the Cruise

Lukose Kuruvila Chiramel,
your boat driver at Aquasserenne.

Each of the visitors who come in my boat has an idea of his own about the boat cruise on the backwaters. Some just enjoy the placid expanses of water; some look for migrant and endemic bird life; some drink in the exotic scenery; some are enthralled at the sight of fresh water fish; some are overjoyed at the sight of lush mangrove forests and some seek out the butterflies and dragon flies that hover around the greenery.

I was born and brought up here and with my experience of 25 years as a boat driver, 15 years in Aquasserenne, I have gained the intuition to satisfy the wishes of each visitor. Sometimes I stop the engine and row the boat with my hands to get a peek at some rare fauna without disturbing it. Come and see your dreams come alive in this unique water-world.

Indoor / Out DOOR Games

There are several indoor games including caroms, chess and table tennis. You can enjoy these games with your companions, while the cool breezes from the watery world around you soothe your soul in the quiet evenings.

There are top-notch facilities for playing shuttle badminton or volley ball in the open. The coconut trees will shade you from the sun and the perennial breeze will wipe off your sweat and energize you.

Short Trekking

Visitors can go on short treks along rural paths to get a first person experience of rural life in this part of the world. The people are generally literate, courteous and polite. Visitors can observe people going about their daily chores, children going to school, street vendors with push-carts, bikes, etc, people going to churches, temples and mosques, people engaged in making coir and such other scenes.


Angling for fresh water fish is nice pastime for the visitors. The Resort provides the rods, hooks, baits, etc. The fish they catch can be handed over to the kitchen and got cooked for their next meal. You may easily catch a Karimeen (Pearl Spot), Chempally (Climbing Perch), Varal (Banded Snakehead), Tilapia, Kaari (Stinging Catfish) or Mushi (Walking Catfish), Manjakkoori (Yellow Catfish), Vellakkoori (Long-whiskered Catfish), Valah (Boal), Paral (Giant Danio), Kuruva (Peninsular Olive Barb), Poonjan (Tiger Panchax), Pallathi (Orange Chromide), Kanambu (Mullet), Kola (Freshwater Garfish), Kallaral (Tire track eel), Malanjil (Indian mottled eel), Cherumeen (Cobra Snakehead), Poolan (Tank Goby) or Vattan (Ceylon Snakehead)

Beach Visit

There is a private beach as part of the property where visitors can spend as much time as they wish lazing on the clean sandy shores and shallow seafront without the disturbance of outsiders. The sea is rather calm here and you will never realize time flying by as you watch the sands, the foam, the fishing birds, the boats in the distance and the infinite expanses, especially in the morning and evening.

Photo Cruising along the Mangrove Forests

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Cruising over the Backwaters of Kerala is a unique experience that makes unforgettable impressions on the visitors. Photographers can make these impressions permanent with their cameras and their creativity. Photo cruises over the backwaters, especially along the lush mangrove forests, will give infinite opportunities for taking breathtaking pictures.

Mangroves are one of the richest pockets of endemic bio-diversity. They protect the juvenile fishes and mollusks as an aquatic nursery. Migrating and other water birds like herons, egrets, spoonbills, pelicans, etc use mangroves as nesting areas. One study counted 106 trees, 87 fishes, 58 insects and 44 birds as endemic life forms of the mangrove forests of Kerala. Several varieties of freshwater fish, crabs, frogs, turtles and other creatures thrive in this unique ecosystem. Hundreds of arthropods, including rare and colourful butterflies and moths, thrive in the mangrove forests.

Camera enthusiasts can record the beauty and biodiversity of mangrove forests as the resort has some lush mangrove forest growth in its proximity. Boating close to these luxuriant clusters of greenery will give abundant opportunities for making valuable pictures. Where the engine causes disturbance, it can be switched off and the boat moved with a long pole or oars to get closer to the pristine mangrove growth and its teeming life-forms.

Activity Manager

The activity manager can arrange group activities according to the taste and preferences of the visitors. Group entertainment programmes like group games and other pastimes or entertainments with cultural programmes included in them can be arranged according to the options of the customers.



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