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India is the largest democracy in the world with the second largest population and the seventh largest area. It is blessed with the most diverse landscapes, vegetation, climatic conditions, cultural strains, ethnic groups, traditional lifestyles, languages, etc. Its colors and contrasts, patterns and paradoxes, vivacity and vibrancy, must be seen to be believed. Despite the infinite diversity and the chaotic contrasts, there is something indefinable that runs through the whole body of India uniting and integrating all elements into a single feeling, single idea, called India. As the French Philosopher Romaine Rolland put it, 'If there is one place on the face of this Earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when Man began the dream of existence, it is India.'

Kerala - God's own country

Kerala, one of the most densely populated, most literate and most scenic states in India, lies in its south-west extremity, between the Western Ghats, noted for immense bio-diversity and salubrious climate, and the Arabian Sea, the tranquil waters rich in marine life and crisscrossed by ancient sea-routes. The central plains gleam with green paddy fields and cool coconut groves, spread like a seamless mosaic with rivers and canals crisscrossing it. The misty mountains on the east charm you with the emerald glory of verdant forests, manicured tea gardens and smooth grasslands, with craggy cliffs, gushing streams and placid lakes. The sea-side on the west enchants you with hundreds of lagoons, stretches of backwaters, islets of coconut groves and sparkling beaches.

Kollam - forget your home

Situated between the vast and serene expanses of the Ashtamudi Lake and the Arabian sea, Kollam still lives up to its old image of bewitching beauty which is reflected in a popular Malayalam proverb : 'Kollam kandavanillam venda', meaning 'He who has come and seen Kollam will not wish to go back home'. It is the ancient city in which originated the present Malayalam Calendar, equal in accuracy to the Gregorian calendar which came into existence only more than 7 centuries later. The fishing harbor, the backwaters, the Ashtamudi Lake, the Railway Junction and the National Highway, with the proximity to Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala with an international airport, make Kollam a prominent city of South India.

Paravoor Village - placid expanses

Dozing over a waterbed of somnolent backwaters under a million green parasols held open by coconut palms, Paravoor village is just at the right distance (less than 20 KMs) from Kollam city, near enough to enjoy all its urban amenities and far enough to forget its hustle and bustle. Its beautiful beaches, water expanses and simple native folk pursuing traditional means of livelihood like coir-making, toddy-tapping, paddle-boat fishing, etc., make it an ideal place for environmental and cultural tourism, besides having the widely acknowledged potentials of beach tourism and health tourism. The wholesome and unique atmosphere of the locale is enough to rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind and resuscitate the soul of the visitor.

Ithikkara River emptying into the sea

A very special place to see in the vicinity of the property is the place where the Ithikkara River enters the sea. It is 56 km-long river, originating in Kulathhoopuzha hills in the Western Ghats and the unique eco-system created at the confluence of the river with the sea is worth the trouble of making a visit. Ithikkara is the village close to the spot and the historic personality of the place Ithikkara Pakki was a local Robin Hood, famous for his feats as a great robber and as a friend of Kayamkulam Kochunni the Robin Hood of Kerala. He used to rob only very rich people and distributed the loot to the needy people.

Fishing village at Neendakara harbour

The fishing village adjacent to Neendakara Fishing Harbour, near Aquasserenne, is popular among tourists. Visitors can observe traditional fishing with Chinese nets and traditional coir making.

Thangassery Light House

The Light House was built by the Dutch in the 18th century and is an interesting and picturesque spot to visit in the vicinity. The Light House stands 144 feet tall warning fishermen of the treacherous reefs on the coast. There are also ruins of Portuguese and Dutch churches and forts.

Varkala beach

Just 18 km from Aquasserenne is the Varkala Beach, which is also called Papanasam Beach, as people believe that a dip in the waters here will wash away all sins. There are cliffs along the beach, a rare feature on the shores of the Arabian Sea. The Geological Survey of India has declared these cliffs, called Varkala Formation, a geological monument. With numerous water spouts on the sides of these cliffs, the beach is popular for bathing, sun bathing and swimming. Leisure tourists and pilgrims come in great numbers and there are hundreds of shops, restaurants and snack shops catering to all categories of visitors.

Kappil beach

At a distance of 7 km from Aquasserenne is the Kappil beach, at Kappil, the North-West border town of Thiruvananthapuram District. The Kappil Bhagavathi Temple here is a popular place of pilgrimage, especially during the festival season. Enchanting backwater scenery, plenty of facilities for water sports and the beautiful beach are the main attractions at Kappil Beach. The meeting of the backwaters with the beach and the sea results in interesting vegetation and fauna for the students of nature.

Puthenkulam elephant camp

Puthenkulam village, just 7 km from Aquasserenne, is the village with the largest number of elephants in Kerala. There are more than 40 elephants, including the elephant called Puthenkulam Ananthapadmanabhan, the hero of elephant lovers all over Kerala as the tallest elephant of South Kerala. More than 10,000 tourists come here every year to observe the life of captive elephants from proximity. Tourists can feed and bathe the elephants if they like. There are also facilities for elephant rides and treks.



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